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10 Great Summer Promotional Products

It’s midsummer; people are heading to beaches to have a good sunbath and to finally feel seawater touch their bodies. Many companies make their profit by making those people’s holidays more comfortable with their exclusive promotional products.

10 Great Promotional Products for Summer

  1. Beach ballbeachball

Games are an essential part of beach time. Beach ball with the name of a company printed on it is a wonderful promotion. Your clients will not only have fun playing games, but they will also return to you as their vacation ends.

  1. Sunglasses

Take some pains to make your brand sunglasses stylish enough and they will be a top priority for any of your clients. Sunglasses are a must-have item during summer, so making them your promotional product will be the best decision.

  1. Mini coolercooler

Another must-have, especially if your customers like going out in big companies. You can make it an average 12-can cooler, making it comfortable by adding a padded hand wrap and a shoulder strap.

  1. Drink Koozie

If coolers are too large for your summer promotional products, make drink koozies. These tiny items will also help maintain a comfortable temperature of beverages.

  1. Sunscreensunscreen

In continuation to beach must-have items, sunscreen is the thing that will not only help the skin stay soft and hydrated during the day on the beach, but also will prevent your clients from sunburns by the end of the day.

  1. Beach towel

Towels give you great chance to print a big logo on them. Make beach towels of good quality, for them to be soft even for sensitive skin, as it gets even more sensitive in summer. You can make them of a wide range of colors as well as of one main color of your brand.

  1. Mini fanfan

What can be better than a cool breeze in the middle of another hot day? Personalized mini fans are very popular nowadays, so you won’t lose by making them your promotional product.

  1. Flip flops

Again for the beach pack or for home usage, flip flops are comfortable, and it is the best footwear for summertime. Consider making flip flops both for your clients and for their children; they will love a pair of colorful flip flops with a beautiful logo on it.

  1. Sport set

A tiny colorful bottle with a pair of sunglasses or a wristband will be a wonderful gift for those of your clients, who’s involved in sport.

  1. Beach Totebeach-tote

A beach tote is needed to put everything necessary for an active day on the beach. Make it with plenty of pockets to put things in and decide the most suitable or trendy color.

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